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Who we are

In order to have a vibrant, full of life, where the monotony can not arrive, and since there will be different entrepreneur at all levels from around the world, we decided to start business in all kinds of industry in order to provide a service to large, medium and small industry, in any type of company and equally to the private individual.
In order to do this we created the Global Market.
We started using the Company RAKMA SRL IMPORT-EXPORT existing in the Dominican Republic since many years, whose corporate purpose is the realization of market research in the most diverse sectors.
Our task will be to create a structure in the city LOS FLORES, with people from various sectors and various countries, to be able to create in every country in the world (starting from the center and South America) an internet connection named RAKMA. Also seen the moment of crisis generalized for small and medium-sized industries, we deliver their outlets and contacts in various countries around the world, without having to resort to exorbitant costs for the management and advertising, but bestowing only a small commission.
The starting point is the marketing of products from Europe to the world, but for the future the goal is to allow each country to be in contact with all the other countries of the world, in order to have direct contact with any enterprise, from the smallest to largest, and find everything they need.
In addition to contacts and connections, we offer the same Web page (or similar) for each country, with the email address of each participant, so as to allow communication with anyone interested.
After searching for goods required in Europe (or other countries where the request was sent an offer or service), the country receiving the request draws up the offer.
The offered price includes a 5% commission. (2% for the country that provides (in this case Italy) and a 2% to the country that receives the offer (in this case Venezuela) and a 1% for the parent company in the Dominican Republic. This commission must always be included in each offer, both in goods and services.
If the purchase of goods is made directly by the person who requires the receiving country, the person or the acquiring firm can raise prices at will, net of 2% commission. If they decide that the fee is too low, they have the power to increase the rate, which will be divided between the two parties (30% for the country that offers, 10% for the parent company and 60% for the purchasing country who decides to raise the price).
The shipping cost should be paid by the customer, this cost is not subject to commission.
All payments must be settled in advance and the fee must be paid no later than one month after receiving the customer's payment, by deducting the cost of transfer charged by the bank.
Each country will have to charge directly for minimum 1% to the customer for the service offered to them. If the invoiced amount is higher, the amount should not be divided, but go entirely to the country responsible. The bill could be completed by the Republic Sunday or from any other country.
After receiving the money, the transfer must be done no later than 10 days after receipt, net of bank charges ..
Offer goods and services from a single piece coming in containers filled.
Offer quality control before shipment of goods (service included)
Be in a position to offer all the services that people require in each country, from the hotel, the restaurant, the legal service or to contact government institutions.
If in any country in the world someone turns to RAKMA, it must be sure to find the best solution for its needs.


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